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Why retail powerhouse Staples thinks your mobile KPIs are hamstringing you (VB Live)


No one wants to support a marketing activity that’s losing their company money. But too often that’s the price of the new mobile-first world. Join the mobile marketing mastermind at Staples for a free VB Live event to learn how to stop paying that toll and break away from legacy KPIs.

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Staples has had an online presence since 1998 — so the company has been on board the wild ride from desktop to digital, seen the emergence of mobile, and has witnessed the explosion of omnichannel, and all the headaches it brings for marketers.

In this new world, what does it take to measure the kind of growth that matters the most, and harness the flood of new opportunities? It’s more than just investing in innovative technology that can peer over your users’ shoulder and dig through their trash; it’s about shifting mindset, taking a step back, and uncovering, first, what matters.

Staples dug into their metrics too and found out that they needed to step back from corporate focused brand experience messaging to a customer-centric strategy. Their multi-execution mobile campaign pushed out custom mobile units: an interactive unit that gamified shopping within the app, a savings calculator, and a mobile retargeting platform.

Their key KPIs shifted — last-click attribution went out the window. Their media mix model and third-party cross-channel attribution found that 75 percent of conversions happened in-store while 25 percent happened on desktop — which has helped fuel their obsession with fingerprinting, the holy grail of a hybrid company’s KPIs, and that their ROI jumped to four times higher than average.

But the right KPIs vary wildly between companies, and even within company units. Breaking down exactly what matters to drive business for you means asking some basic questions that seem simplistic, but will fuel your entire marketing strategy.

What do you know about your target market? What do you know about how they relate to your brand — and what do you have to prove about that relationship? And what data is going to get you there, helping you tie your marketing spend to outcomes? No matter the metric, there’s probably a tool for that.

And once you’ve measured, tested, adjusted ad infinitum, you’ll level up to the realm of what’s possible — what data you can unlock, and how it can transform the way you think about your customer and how you reach them.

Join Gwen Murray, mobile marketing lead at Staples, and Sheila Bhardwaj, Director of Account Management at TUNE, for a webinar that dives deep into the mobile marketing KPIs you can’t afford to miss in a mobile-first world.

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  • Understand KPIs to target depending on your type of app, goals, and user lifecycle stage
  • Know unique KPIs that can help demonstrate value even if not a mobile-first business
  • Get action items for your new KPI data geared toward moving the needle for your business
  • See how your app stacks up against key industry benchmarks.


  • Gwen Murray, Mobile Marketing Lead, Staples
  • Sheila Bhardwaj, Director of Account Management, TUNE


  • Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

This VB Live event is sponsored by TUNE.

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