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VentureBeat is hiring an AI guest post editor

We’re looking for a skilled editor to help lead our pioneering coverage of AI, machine learning, and bots.

VentureBeat has a thriving AI channel that provides a 360-degree view of the industry ecosystem surrounding AI, machine learning, software automations, and many other advancements that will become part of the coming machine learning age. Speaking broadly, AI is already transforming our lives — turning off the thermostat in our home when we leave for vacation, automating call centers in ways that seem like they’re from a science-fiction movie, and creating a new frontier for the education market. AI is disrupting every market you can imagine: cars, health care, communications, and more. That’s why companies have started using the term “AI first” as we head into a radically different age.

As VentureBeat’s Guest Post Editor for AI, you’ll solicit and edit guest posts from tech insiders, investors, and pundits. Additionally, you’ll be on the lookout for republishing opportunities for news and analysis from top bloggers, syndication partners, and academics. You’ll also oversee the Transportation channel.

You’re already familiar with AI, machine learning, chatbots, and automations for cars. You wait with great anticipation for every new Alexa skill to debut and that one Google Home advancement. You use chatbots on your phone, and you already understand why an autonomous car makes sense. You speak to bots more than you text with them. You love innovation and have three-to-five years experience assigning and editing posts that provide smart insights, fresh angles on current news, and, above all, why something matters. You’re eager to build a stable of contributors, and you know when to dive in and do a wholesale rewrite and when to back off and simply buy a vowel or insert that mot juste.

Please be available to work approximately 20 hours/week at our San Francisco headquarters, or if you prefer, you may work remotely. This is a freelance, temporary position, and compensation is an hourly rate plus approved expenses. Finally, it would be great if you love to read VentureBeat. Seriously, though, you should already read VentureBeat!

If you’re as excited as we are, please send a resume, desired compensation (hourly rate), and cover letter containing three links to your best clips (as editor) and three links to your best clips (as writer) to jobs@venturebeat.com.

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