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Twitch Creative streamers to raise funds for kids in need

From July 21st to July 31st, you might come across some Twitch streams raising funds for non-profit org Save the Children. Twitch Creative, the streaming website’s portal for artists, has invited broadcasters to take part in its #CreateForKids charity drive for children in need. Interested artists are encouraged to sign up for a campaign page where their viewers can donate, as well set up digital rewards for donors. They can also auction off one of their original pieces to raise additional funds for the drive.

While gaming is still bigger on Twitch, its broadcasts generally reach a wide audience and have the potential to raise big money for good causes. In 2015, streamers collected a total of $17.4 million for charity. All the money raised by the #CreateForKids drive will go towards promoting children’s rights, teaching kids to read and write and providing aid for kids not just in the US, but also in developing countries.

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