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Titanfall 2 gets two weekend multiplayer tests in August

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If you were a fan of the first Titanfall, don’t make any plans for the next two weekends.

Electronic Arts announced today that it will run multiplayer tests for its upcoming shooter Titanfall 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The tests will take place on the weekends of August 19 to 21 and August 26 to 28. The full game comes out on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Thanks to a new single-player campaign and features like a grappling hook, it’s one of the most anticipated releases this fall. The original Titanfall sold over 10 million copies. These multiplayer tests will give players a chance to try it early.

The test will allow developer Respawn to test its servers and seek out any bugs or problems, but it also serves as a demo for players interested in trying out the new game. If they like it, they could be more likely to purchase the full version.

The first weekend will feature the Bounty Hunt and Pilots vs. Pilots Modes. Bounty Hunt has players shooting enemies and computer-controlled targets for points, which they have to bank at designated areas on the map if they want them to count. If an enemy kills you while you’re holding onto points, they’ll get half of them. Pilots vs. Pilots is a more traditional version of team deathmatch that doesn’t include Titans.

The second weekend focuses on Amped Hardpoint, a control point mode. Players fight to capture three different areas on a map. However, you can claim each point a second time, which amps it and doubles the points you earn from it.

Players will get to use the new Ion and Scorch Titans. The Ion Titan can shoot a giant laser out of its chest, while Scorch (as you might guess) uses a lot of fire-based attacks.They’ll also get to try out new features like the grappling hook.

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