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Tilt tells augmented reality stories to kids with a rug and duvet

We’ve seen plenty of augmented reality storytelling apps, but Tilt goes a step further by tying them into colorful textiles that you’d actually want to put in kids’ rooms. The company’s SpinTales “Jungle Rug” and “Enchanted Duvet” ($99 each) work with mobile apps to let children dive into stories. And based on a quick demo at CES, it actually looks simple enough for kids to use on their own.

The Jungle Rug features a variety of colorful characters, while the Enchanted Duvet comes with fairy tales. Each product comes with three free stories, and the company says it’s working on developing more. At the moment, it’s focusing on public domain fairy tales and properties like The Jungle Book (the original Rudyard Kipling version, not Disney’s). You just have to hold up your phone or tablet to the specified areas of the rug or duvet to activate AR experiences, which could involve Little Red Riding Hood’s house popping out from the duvet, or a tiger crawling out of the rug.

Tilt says it has a patent on implementing AR technology with textiles, as well, which might make it a more tempting partner for big companies. The company also brings with it plenty of experience in the textile industry. It was spun off from Welspun, one of the world’s largest textile makers. It’s not hard to imagine a company like Disney licensing Tilt’s technology for their own product.

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