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The Morning After: Monday December 19, 2016

Over the weekend, Tesla’s next EV rival went to the races, Metropolis got a remake, and we tried the Netflix for fine art. Dip in.

If you believe the hype, it’s quicker than its rivals.
Watch Faraday Future’s prototype EV race Bentley, Ferrari and Tesla

Faraday Future continues to hype its electric car ahead of its full January unveiling, and while skepticism is abound, it’s apparently ready enough to race. The fledgling automaker has posted a video showing its prototype EV drag racing against some hot competition: Tesla’s Model X P100D (the obligatory electric rival), Bentley’s Bentayga SUV and Ferrari’s 488 GTB. (Spoilers: It beats them all.)

It’s the closest thing we have to a Netflix for fine art.
Electric Objects’ digital art display can connect with a $10-a-month art sub.

The Electric Objects 2 art display is basically a 23-inch 1080p display with an internet connection. It has a matte finish, which helps it avoid reflecting light sources and keeps it from looking like a glossy TV screen hanging on your wall. If you’re feeling extra classy you can also snap on a $99 hardwood frame (available in maple, walnut, white wood and black wood) to ensure it matches your decor. Just about everything Senior Editor Devindra Hardawar threw on to the EO2 looked good, but he adds that it’s not exactly a revolutionary product and don’t expect it to replace your framed art.

The company says some of the figures don’t make sense.
Apple formally challenges the EU’s tax demands

Apple is about to fight the European Commission’s claims that it must pay the €13 billion in back taxes ($13.6 billion) owed from its deal with Ireland. Apple will appeal the ruling this week on the grounds that it not only can’t abide by the decision, but that the figures don’t make sense. The company argues that two of its business units, claimed by the EC to only exist on paper (and thus didn’t warrant untaxed profits) were real, actively managed companies. Apple adds that European officials ignored advice from Ireland-chosen tax experts when deciding on the penalty, apparently to maximize the financial hit.

Don’t worry: It’ll take billions of years before our sun devours us.
This planet-eating star shows the Solar System’s future

A star some 300 light-years away is apparently rather similar to our own, and has given researchers insight into how planets get absorbed. It also helps predict how solar systems like ours could evolve over time. Before you panic, we’re not getting sucked into an enormous ball of fire anytime soon. Based on the team’s computer simulations, it will take billions of years of gravitational tugs and pulls before our sun starts gobbling up its planets. Besides, Mercury and Venus are up first.

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