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NYT: Trump is still relying on his unsecured Android phone

Donald Trump is officially in the White House, but he hasn’t actually given up his trusted Android phone, despite major security concerns and reports to the contrary last week. The New York Times claims that Trump is still using his old device — which was outed as a Samsung Galaxy phone last year — over the warnings of some of his aides.

A quick glimpse at his official Twitter account also makes it clear that his most explosive tweets are still coming from “Twitter for Android,” which has been generally been a sign that he’s writing them himself. Meanwhile over at the official @POTUS account, we’re seeing less hyperbolic tweets from Twitter for iPhone, which is a big hint that they’re coming from an aide. It was hard to imagine that Trump would give up on his Twitter addiction entirely, but it’s still surprising to see that he’s still relying on his same combative tone, even though he’s officially President.

Given how much attention Trump paid to Hillary Clinton’s private email server, you’d think he’d be careful about opening himself up to similar scrutiny. Of course, tweeting from a personal account is different from storing potentially confidential emails, but Trump’s Android phone is still a dangerous vulnerability. We don’t know if he’s actually dealing with government information on the device, for one, and it’s a pretty obvious data goldmine for hackers and thieves.

Source: New York Times

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