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Hilton’s bringing the gym to your hotel room

Hotels can be a lonely place for business travelers at the best of times, but forays into the bar or fitness center serve as potential conduits to meeting fellow human beings. Hilton, however, has just announced a new initiative that gives guests one less reason to venture outside their temporary dwellings.

In what Hilton is calling “five feet to fitness,” the hotelier is bringing the gym directly to guests’ rooms with more than “eleven different fitness equipment and accessory options,” according to a statement issued by the company.

Some rooms will now have a Wattbike exercise bike and a training station with a range of apparatus and accessories.

Above: Hilton: In-room gym

At the center of the in-room gym setup is a touchscreen “fitness kiosk” that delivers tutorials and workout routines, with hundreds of fitness videos across cardio, endurance, strength, yoga, stretching, and more.

Above: Hilton: Yoga

The rooms also feature a meditation chair, blackout shades, Biofreeze pain relieving gel, and a range of protein drinks.

Though it’s not unheard of for hotels to include some fitness equipment in guest rooms, Hilton is adamant that its offering is unprecedented in terms of creating the room with gym equipment in mind.

“A guest room that combines a sleep and fully integrated fitness experience delivers an impressive new dimension of convenience and personalization — an industry first,” explained Hilton senior director of global wellness, Ryan Crabbe. “Five Feet to Fitness has been thoughtfully engineered to serve as a guest’s personal wellness stage, complete with sports performance materials and best-in-class gym accessories. Guests will quickly realize we have gone much further than simply placing a piece of equipment in a room.”

Anyone who has attempted home exercise will know that motivating oneself to perform a full workout on the living room floor can be a challenge. It is often easier to leave your familiar domestic surroundings and run in a park or go to the gym. But there are undoubtedly some people out there who would rather exercise in private, away from the prying eyes of work colleagues.

“We know that no matter how determined people are about making healthy decisions while at home, the ability to replicate those choices is often not as accessible as it should be while traveling,” added Crabbe. “We’re creating choice and control for guests to drive their own fitness experience.”

Hilton’s fitness-focused guest rooms are currently available at Parc 55 San Francisco and will be arriving at additional hotels in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Austin, and San Diego.

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