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Hacking mobile retail: How marketing automation will catapult LTVs (VB Live)

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Mobile commerce is exploding. But how do you make sure you’re acquiring high-value users that become repeat customers? Join us for this VB Live event to learn how to best use marketing automation for stronger user engagement, more conversions, and powerful LTV.

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Anything a consumer could possibly want to buy is really just a fingertip away, thanks to the modern day miracle of mobile apps. But the number of users who download an app and soon forget it is staggering. Turning casual retail mobile users into longtime followers — and purchasers — can be a tough hurdle to jump over.

How fickle are mobile users? In a survey conducted by Localytics, mobile users said they will try out a new app on average 4.5 times before deciding to stop using it. Boredom and simply not needing said app anymore were cited as the two main causes for users dropping an app. If you can’t prove the longtime value of your app, consumers will uninstall and move on without hesitation. With competition set to become even fiercer when the industry doubles in size to $101 billion in 2020, you can’t afford to lose the interest of your customers.

Naturally, you want to turn those newcomers into longtime customers for your app, but as the old saying goes, that’s easier said than done. Demonstrating the full-time value of your app to consumers simply looking for a quick fix is difficult, but not impossible.

It requires full utilization of marketing automation to build a user acquisition program that gets the job done. It involves learning which engagement and retention activities produce the best results, along with reactivating users via push notifications, email, and retargeting. Most importantly, it means performing these tasks and more in a cost efficient way.

So how is it done? Join us for this VB Live event and learn how to develop a marketing automation strategy that’s perfect for acquiring high-LTV users to your app, guaranteeing strong revenue by the end of the financial year. Learn how to turn onlookers into full-time mobile app users by initiating the right engagement tactic at the right time. Like any mobile app, signing up is only a fingertip away.

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In this webinar, you will:

  • Harness the power of marketing automation to build a user acquisition program that works
  • Explore key strategies for efficient, highly-optimized user acquisition
  • Gain new best practices for engaging and retaining users while reducing churn
  • Learn acquisition-engagement synergy tactics such as: pre- and post-install segmentation, organic growth, retargeting and reward-based acquisition


  • Marisa Tarleton, CMO, RetailMeNot
  • Stewart Rogers, Analyst, VentureBeat


  • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

This webinar is sponsored by IBM Marketing Cloud.

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