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Early social results show EA and FIFA 2018 are winning E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (3) show floor opens today for as many as 65,000 attendees in Los Angeles. But the big companies have already been battling for attention with press events that started on Saturday. Synthesio, a social intelligence platform, has pulled all the data for conversations about E3 on the Internet, and it shows that Electronic Arts is leading the buzz with 31.4 percent of all mentions and 26.4 percent of all mentions for its FIFA 18 soccer game.

That could mean that EA made the right move in going first on Saturday, and that Sony and Nintendo are lagging in this data simply because they’re the last to hold their events. Synthesio will update the results as they come in, and you can expect the standings to change. But here’s what it has measured so far.

Top Buzz Drivers:

Riding the announcement of the new FIFA and Battlefront games, EA is driving the most buzz, with 31.4 percent of all online mentions. How does this compare to other big names in the video game industry? Here is the top 5 most discussed video game companies:
– EA (31.4% of all online mentions)
– Microsoft (29.22 percent)
– Nintendo (14.44 percent)
– Activision (8.78 percent)
– Bethesda (6.94 percent)

Within each of these companies, the biggest drivers of buzz are:

Above: Xbox One X

Image Credit: Microsoft

Electronic Arts:
– FIFA 2018 (26.4 percent of all EA mentions)
– Battlefront 2 (24.28 percent)
– EA Play (22.79 percent)
– Need For Speed (12.95 percent)
– Anthem (6.06 percent)

– XBox One X (64.11 percent)
– Forza (11.16 percent)
– Sea of Thieves (10.47 percent)
– Gears of War (7.93 percent)
– Cortana (2.29 percent)

– Switch (70.23 percent)
– Super Mario Odyssey (19.01 percent)
– Splatoon 2 (10.28 percent)
– Rabbids (<1 percent)

– Call of Duty: WWII (72.94 percent)
– Destiny 2 (27.06 percent)

– Elder Scrolls (62.03 percent)
– Wolfenstein (31.92 percent)
– Quake Champions (4.81 percent)
– Prey (1.24 percent)

Most Positive Posts

Knowing who is driving the most buzz is important, but the picture isn’t complete without taking into account more social data, including the overall volume of mentions, the sentiment of the mentions and the influence behind those mentions. These combine to form Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score, which takes that complete picture and produces a score of 0-100 for every brand, product, etc. that you are tracking. According to Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score, here are the big winners of the E3 pre-show, heading into the official Day 1 of E3:

– Ubisoft (Social Reputation Score of 57.88)
– EA (57.52)
– Nintendo (57.42)
– Microsoft (56.83)
– Bethesda (56.09)

Who is Talking

Above: Alienware party at E3 2017.

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

– 80 percent of all posts around E3 are coming from males, with 20 percent from females.
– Most posters are between 18-25 years old, with the next most popular age range is 25-35.

Top Hashtags:

The top 5 hashtags used so far at E3 are:
– #E32017
– #EAPlay
– #E3
– #XboxE3
– #Xbox

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