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bRealTime Launches Publisher Solution Set, Biddr°360


CPXi Programmatic Marketplace Division, bRealTime, takes reigns of header bidding innovation, releases revolutionary header bidding suite for publishers.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 18, 2016–

bRealTime, a leader in header bidding solutions, today announced the release of their groundbreaking publisher tool set, Biddr°360. Biddr°360 is the only header bidding solution that allows publishers to have real time control over their header bidding strategies all through one easy-to-use interface. This unparalleled, end-to-end set of customizable solutions saves Publishers valuable time by quickly deploying with one initial script and thereafter providing ad-ops teams complete access and insights into their header bidding stack.

“The rise of header bidding is a direct result of publishers seeking to take back control over their inventory in a programmatic world,” stated Michael Zacharski, COO of bRealTime parent-company CPXi. “Biddr°360 is designed to provide publishers with that control: data that is timely and ties together yield, latency, and user experience, that is actionable within the ad stack. The goal of our product roadmap continues to put the publisher back in control of their business, arming them with world class tools once only reserved for the largest of companies.”

Biddr°360 eliminates reliance on outside vendors and frees up engineering resources that were previously required to manage publishers’ header bidding scripts. The combination of visual and actionable bidding and yield management tools in Biddr°360 gives ad ops teams the ability to quickly make changes, updates and optimizations, making Biddr°360 the only header bidding solution to offer publishers complete control over their site and all header bidding partners in one holistic offering.

Biddr°360 uniquely solves for a lack of publisher control and transparency in header bidding by uniting three key features into one solution:

Control Center: This granular, on-demand optimization tool helps publishers reclaim ultimate control over their sites by allowing non-engineering resources, like ad ops, to adjust their header bidding stack without relying on middlemen.

Dashboard: Publishers use the robust analytics of Biddr°360 to strategically manage their header bidding stacks and optimize the bidding process.

Ad Inspector: This real-time feature delivers insights into each individual ad unit on the page to evaluate how each demand partner is bidding on a deeper level.

Following the success of Biddr+, bRealTime looks to capitalize on the header bidding momentum with Biddr°360. Brian Weigel, GM of bRealTime, notes, “bRealTime saw tremendous growth in adoption and revenue, now boasting access to over 3 billion ad impressions daily and supporting more than 150 publishers. Our goal is to ensure all publishers can easily implement header bidding in a timely manner and have total control over the technology. We’re excited to provide a solution that helps our publishers achieve more successful outcomes.”

About bRealTime

bRealTime, a division of CPXi, operates a premier programmatic marketplace linking top tier demand sources with highly qualified direct supply. Its global distribution engine includes a marketplace of directly integrated publishers, connecting to virtually every major demand channel within the digital media ecosystem. With its own suite of proprietary product offerings and differentiated demand through direct and programmatic sources, bRealTime helps unlocks the highest yield potential for publishers and maximum campaign performance for media buyers.


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