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Attention app publishers: Mobile ad dollars for the taking (VB Live)

In-app advertising ad revenue is expected to generate $53.4 billion dollars by 2020. Learn how to maximize its potential when you join our latest VB Live event. You’ll gain insight into innovative monetization tools and tactics, the pitfalls to avoid, and find how to discover where the money is. Don’t miss out!

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With new mobile ad formats, including incredibly effective mobile video, in-app advertising has become the fastest-growing kind of mobile advertising on the market, with revenue set to surpass $53 billion by 2020. It’s also the fastest way to monetize your app. In-app advertising is how Facebook earns 84 percent of its revenue, and the rest of the industry’s ad spend model is following along — there’s a reason AOL acquired Millennial Media, the mobile ad network, for $238 million, along with the company’s more than 65,000 apps.

Studies are thick on the ground, and they all say pretty much the same thing: In-app mobile ad spend is pretty much the future of the mobile advertising category, and that means your inventory is gold. For good reason. Mobile ads don’t have any of the pitfalls that mobile banner ads are prone to: high user churn, low retention rates, low CTRs, dismal eCPMs, and eternal ad fatigue. Consumers are 60 percent more likely to engage with the mobile ads you run, far more likely to share it, and user retention is three times higher.

It’s effective in part because it hands some high-powered targeting tools to the marketers looking for return on their ad spend.You can offer them a robust view of your app user with all the data you collect. There’s location data, which unlocks weather, local events, and demographic in order to contextualize your user, as well as the robust demographic and intent targeting, allowing marketers to go beyond finding a specific audience to drill down to specific types of users.

And when you can unlock that user profile, you can unlock a marketer’s spend (and your bottom line results): They can out-buy their competitors and end up with a user that’s still worth many times what they’re paying for them.

It’s a win-win on both sides — but only if you’ve got the right tools, tactics, and strategy. And it’s just one piece of the monetizing-your-app puzzle, too. Learn more about what it takes to start raking in the sweet, sweet app money when you join our latest VB Live event.

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You’ll learn about:

  • Tools and tactics for publishers to monetize mobile apps
  • The role of sponsors and partnerships in mobile app monetization
  • Overcoming the challenges posed by technology fragmentation
  • How to NOT leave money on the table.


  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
  • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

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