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5 Alexa skills to try this week

Below is a list of five Alexa skills worth trying selected from Top Enabled, Customer Favorites This Week, and New Skills categories in the Alexa Skills Store on Amazon.com.

In Alexa news this week, you can now set reminders and name your countdown timers. iCloud users also gained the ability to integrate their calendars this week.


Alto is part of a series of new email apps out there that can tell you more particular, practical things about your inbox like when an actual person has emailed you or when a package is scheduled to arrive.

It’s made by AOL but don’t think of it as AOL Mail only. Alto supports Gmail, Outlook, and a lot of other email clients too.

The Alto Alexa skill can tell you about your incoming packages or your next flight but say “Alexa, ask Alto about my day”, you’ll get a digest that includes the day’s events, packages arriving, flights or hotel reservations for that day as well as pending invites.

Also out recently: The Astro Alexa skill. Astro does a lot of the same things Alto does but it comes with a bot that suggests which emails to make VIP and which to archive or send straight to archives.


If you live in a congested city or urban area you may find this skill especially useful.

My ETA tells you how it will take you to get where you’re going whether you’re driving a car or riding a bike, the bus or train. Perhaps the best part is that My ETA will tell you how long it will take to get where you’re going when you’re leaving.

It’s also helpful anytime a friend should ask where you are and how long it will take to reach them. This feature is built into a lot of apps today, perhaps most notable Google Maps as well as ride sharing apps like Lyft and Uber. Still, this looks like a pretty practical skill.

National Geographic Geo Quiz

This skill starts with the iconic National Geographic theme music and asks six quiz questions daily. The National Geographic Society releases six questions daily like what’s the largest country in Africa by area (Algeria) or Mount Rushmore is located near Rapid City in which state (South Dakota).

Hunt the Yeti

Hunt the Yeti is exactly what it sounds like: A Yet hunting exercise. In the game you can move your hunter north, south, east, or west in a 5×5 games. Say “throw the spear” but you only get one spear in a game, and once you throw it the game is over.

Lie Swatter

This skill brings a game show host voice over to seven true-false trivia questions around a specific subject.

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